Hi! It's been a while.....

Well, hi everyone.  It's been a few years since I've been on here (yes, years). I'm mostly just on Twitter these days and following a few fandoms.  I've been reading my 'friends' timeline and trying to catch up with everyone and what's been going on in their lives.  I met some wonderful people here on LJ and was fortunate enough to get to meet them.  I still count them as my dearest friends.  Shout out to yeuxdeblu, _celebrian, romeny, cristiel, ladysnaps, katydid 42, and yikes, who did I forget!?    Please remind me if I forgot one of my FOFF ladies (!)    Also, I have to re-learn how to navigate around here and how to post.
I was also saddened to read an old message from a friends who passed away recently. She was a lovey person and wrote me a beautiful message.   I try to come back in the next few days and update everyone on my life.......talk soon!
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Happy Mother's Day....

to all the mom's on my 'friends' list. You guys are the best.  I wanted to share the poem my 12 year old daughter wrote for me today:

I love you mom,
more than words could say
you help me out, day by day
you guide me to who I'm supposed to be
while still letting my opinions be free
you really teach me how to fight
how to shine, in my own light
I love you more than words could say
because our love, will never fray
and sometimes I might seem embarrassed by you
But I really love you, I really do
I love you more than words could say
So I wrote this down to tell you
..happy Mother's Day

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I survived a superstorm

Wow Live Journal! It's been ages since I've been here.   Had some friends asking about me so I thought a send a post and revist my old stomping grounds.

Novemember 18th, and I finally have power! And cable! And heat! And I can move out of my mom's house!!!!  My area of Long Island was hit pretty hard by the storm..I live right by a marina on the southern most part of Seaford (SEAford, very appropriate).  Most of the houses were destroyed and many lost there boats.  I wish the person whose boat in still on my lawn would come and claim it.

Before you feel too sorry for me.....I was actually on a cruise when the storm hit.  On Oct. 27th, I boarded the lovely Princess Caribbean destined for Bermuda.  Alas, not to be.  The Captain, deciding to be safe rather than sorrry, went north from to NY headed to Halifax.  We arrived in Canada a few days later to be told the Canadians didn't want us (go figure) OK, quick U-turn to Boston, where we spent the next three days.  Turns out, our port in Brooklyn was washed away, along with many passanger's cars(not mine). Stuck on cruise a few extra days(I know, how awful) and finally returned to port in Manhattan.
I came back to my place four days after Sandy hit.   Place looks pretty sad and I was freezing for days, but still luckier than most.  I was also happy to hear my LJ friend from Staten Island was OK.

Thanks for all the emails from concerned friends.  All's well now.  Shout out to my FOFF girls(you know who you are).  Think about you all the time and miss you like crazy.  Will try to spend more time on LJ to keep in touch.

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I survived a computer virus...

OK, so more like 75 computer viruses*sigh*. Don't know how the little suckers got in, but one quick call to my Geek Squad guy and two weeks in the shop, and we're good as new. I didn't know what to do with myself for the two weeks. I actually found myself doing things like paying bills and doing laundry and vacuuming, going outside,washing my hair, feeding my dog...Sheesh, glad that's over!
Hope everyone had a good holiday. I'm going to try to catch up on LJ posts and finish watching TTT on TV. BTW, my computer guy was very impressed with my office full of LOTR stuff. He was like 'wow, your kids are really into LOTR' and I'm like, 'um...yeah...my kids....sure'*snort*
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Happy Birthday.....

...to my dear friend and FOFF sister Celebrian. Looking forward to seeing you later this year! Meanwhile, have a wonderful birthday :-*

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